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A tour package is never complete without an excursion or activity that adds value to the totality of the experience.
Below you will find our suggested list of excursions and activities based on theme. Most of these activities can be done in any part of Greece.
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Adrenaline-pumping excursions for the brave can be found all over Greece. These types ofexcursions include: Bungy jumping at the Corinth Canal, Sky diving in Athens or in Corfu island, Base jumping for the experienced (Zakynthos) and many more.
Extreme & Adventurous
is also a huge sport throughout Greece and especially in the Greek islands. You can find organized scuba diving in: Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Corfu, Chalkidiki and more.
Scuba Diving
Greece has plenty of wild landscapes and rough rivers and you will find many rafting clubs throughout Greece. Some of these clubs are located in: Arachtos River (Epirus), Tavropos River, and Alfios River in Arcadia.
Water Rafting
A growing sport where the rider is standing in an upright stance on the board and uses a paddle to propel themselves through the water. There are several organizations in Glyfada, Athens.
Stand Up Paddle Surfing
You will love cruising in Greece whether sailing on your own or with an experienced driver. There are organized cruises all over Greece and you can enjoy island hopping or even going to a deserted beach cove for a swim. These can be found everywhere in Greece and mostly organized throughout the year.
Cruising & Yachting
The Greek countryside is a phenomenal place to discover. Its filled with impressive flora & fauna, lakes, rivers, volcanoes, caves and mountains. There are some ideal places where one can enjoy hiking, bird watching or just want to experience a traditional Greek village.
Nature-Related Excursions / Activities
Our experienced local guides throughout Greece will take you on a true historic journey back to time. Add a half day tour or a full day tour by visiting some of the most ancient sites of Greece.
Acrhaeological & Cultural
For the food lovers who want to be introduced to Greece's delicious culinary, we have you covered. Culinary tours may include a visit to a Greek Feta farmer; you will enjoy understanding the production of feta cheese or we can take you on a wine tasting tour, or have a Mediterranean dish tasting tour by visiting local Greek taverns.
Culinary & Gastronomy


We chose the brand name Zeus Travel after 'Zeus'- the god of the sky and leader of the Olympian gods. According to Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus possessed the perfect knowledge and was just, compassionate and practical. One of his symbols and weapons was the thunderbolt and he used it in order to create balance & harmony in his surroundings. 

Our work philosophy is inspired by the SPIRIT and CHARISMA of Zeus and our aim is to bring this force of personality to our work!