Adding Greek entertainment is a MUST for your travel package. Greece offers many leisure and entertainment pusuits for visitors of all ages.

Take a look at some of the Greek entertainment options that you won't want to miss out on!
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& Clubs
Greeks were born to have fun. A mix of modern and traditional bars/clubs can be found in most popular cities in Greece. The party doesn't start until 11:00pm and it does not end until dawn time. All types of music is played for all tastes.
Festivals Concerts
Greece is increasingly becoming popular due to their cultural festivals that they put forth throughout the year.
Greek carnivals are rooted in ancient history and till this day they are very popular. They are filled with people dressed in special customs, parades with music and dancing, food and many more.
Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Sports are very important to the Greek people. There are hundreds of sporting events organized in almost all parts of Greece. A growing sporting event is the Marathon Athens Classical Race. Various triathlon and cycling events are also organized in some of the most enriching natural places throughout Greece. Finally, for all football and basketball lovers you wont want to miss a European matches and experience the intensity of the game.
Sport Events
Of course Greek dinning is intertwined with entertainment. Dine at a popular Greek tavern by the sea and taste delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Add a "Greek Night" and enjoy live Greek music with your meal.


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