The educational component is specifically tailored to special interest groups such as high-school and university-level groups. But, it could also be applied to other types of groups depending on their needs.
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In partnership with several English-speaking private institutions in Greece, we can put together a full day of academic lectures on various subjects.
Volunteering Possibilities & Learning
Imagine travelling to a new country for the first time and having the opportunity to contribute and assist people in need? We cooperate with various non-profit organizations that may need volunteers for a couple of hours. This can be a great added value to special-interest groups.
Guided Tours
Our local guided tours are always educational but fun at the same time!
Educational Seminars & Lectures
Our network and cooperation with expert speakers from various fields allows us to call on them when a group wishes to learn about a specific topic. These seminars are either held at conference rooms in top-notch hotels or at academic institutions.
What's better than getting hands-on experience and visiting international organizations? Special interest groups can get a complete learning experience by visiting these types of organizations.


We chose the brand name Zeus Travel after 'Zeus'- the god of the sky and leader of the Olympian gods. According to Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus possessed the perfect knowledge and was just, compassionate and practical. One of his symbols and weapons was the thunderbolt and he used it in order to create balance & harmony in his surroundings. 

Our work philosophy is inspired by the SPIRIT and CHARISMA of Zeus and our aim is to bring this force of personality to our work!