Attractions & Sites

Greece is the number one country in the world with the most museums and archeological sites that exist! By visiting these unique attractions it completes the pefect tour package for all tastes! 

Our local guides can take you back many years ago into some of the most magical and wonderous places in Greece. Below is a list of attractions and sites that complete the perfect Greek travel package.
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Unesco World Heritage Sites

There are 17 archeological sites that have been approved by UNESCO on their basis of "their value as the best examples of human creative genius". 
Some of these places include:

Acropolis Site
of Asklepios, Epidauros
site of Delphi
site of Olympia
site of Delos

Hot Attractions

In addition to the archaeological sites, there are many 'must-see' attractions 
throughout Greece. These include

Samaria Gorge
Corinth Canal
Mount Athos


We chose the brand name Zeus Travel after 'Zeus'- the god of the sky and leader of the Olympian gods. According to Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus possessed the perfect knowledge and was just, compassionate and practical. One of his symbols and weapons was the thunderbolt and he used it in order to create balance & harmony in his surroundings. 

Our work philosophy is inspired by the SPIRIT and CHARISMA of Zeus and our aim is to bring this force of personality to our work!